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Ströer SSP GmbH uses patent pending algorithms for highly efficient real-time advertising. We are 100% science- and technology-focused and process and analyze massive amounts of data. We are working at the cutting edge of big data, machine learning and real-time technologies and we are operating large-scale deployments of real-time web services.   And finally, we are based in Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin! Why? We have lots of this data you love We have a big and shiny cluster We’re a small team: great power and great responsibility for everyone! Bullshit free: no QA, no in-house sales, no scrum, no finger pointing, not that many managers We’re smart and wanna become smarter You will… do some of this typical Data Engineering ETL stuff manage our warehouse infrastructure (Kafka, Hadoop, HBase) work with a a lot of different languages and technologies (Scala, Python, Java, Spark, Flink, Hive) help our