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English Česky English „We’re looking for developers that like to communicate and are interested in the entire application life cycle.“ We are Czech software company, in which refactoring and automated testing is natural part of the development, where cleancode is not a curse word and where you can influence picking technologies you work with. We aren’t afraid of research and looking for new solutions, because we know that good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgements. Cornerstones of our development Technologies: TypeScript, Angular, Node.js, Docker, NoSQL databases (usually MongoDB). Methodologies and approaches to development: Kanban, Clean code, DDD, TDD, Event sourcing, CQRS, Microservices, Agile development, Asynchronous programming. Traits we’re looking for   You should be aspire to continuous self-improvement, research of new technologies and practices. You should be helpful and friendly in communication and cooperation. You should be able to understand written English (documentation, etc.).  What can

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