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We believe in happy people

We understand that life is not only about work and we believe that happy and rested people are the cornerstone of success. Work time flexibility is not just an empty promise.

Trust is a common thing

No senior or subordinate roles are given because trusting people is valued over controlling them.

We learn from experience

We are aware that good judgement comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgements.

“I like the people that work with me in Stroeer Labs. It’s a great team that gives you opportunity to get experience in working with the latest technology after school and you don’t have to go to Prague for that.”

Tomáš Čeladník, Programmer

Testing rocks

No one questions that testing and refactoring are a natural part of development. “Cleancode” is not a dirty word around here.


You can co-decide on matters because your opinions are listened to and your ideas are valued. You can influence what kind of technology you will work with.

Improving is natural

We are not afraid of research and looking for new solutions because 2 transactions are not a challenge, but 100 000 are. 

“This is an environment that I look forward to each day. The work is fun, interesting and challenging. The people here are great company. We are offered the freedom of creativity to solve problems.”

Mark Tokumaru, Developer


and many more cool stuff, but in the end it is you who can influence what technologies you will work with… 

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What else people say

Travis Vander Sloot


Labs are a fantastic place to work. I get to interact with great people from around the world in a friendly environment with supportive collegues and a nice work/life balence. I feel like every day I learn something new and that this is a perfect place to grow as a developer. Also, my fuseball skills have improved considerably.

Lisa Graham

Technical tester

It’s a supportive company with a great team culture. There’s lots of room for creativity and innovation – I’m always learning new things.


Adam Trlica

UX designer

I was happy to get an opportunity to do UX design even though I didn’t have much experience in the field. People here patiently allowed me to improve, which still lasts today. There is great leadership and colleagues here make my work very pleasant.


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