iOS Mobile SDK Engineer: Innovate in Ad Delivery (W/M/X)

iOS Mobile SDK Engineer: Innovate in Ad Delivery (W/M/X)

Your Role:

You’d join a team where your core mission is to oversee the delivery of ads across a spectrum of channels. You’ll engage with a suite of back-end services, primarily developed in Java/Kotlin, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of platforms, including mobile apps, TV apps, and websites.

You will be instrumental in developing an SDK that enables ad displays within mobile applications. This involves working closely with our clients, such as T-online, to facilitate seamless integration of our SDK into their apps. Your role is critical in ensuring that, once integrated, the SDK efficiently manages communication with various advertising platforms and displays ads based on user consent. You’ll be addressing both maintenance needs and integration challenges, particularly involving the React Native bridge.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining code responsible for loading and configuring SDK according to client’s specific needs.
  • Implement user consent protocols to ensure compliance and user privacy.
  • Facilitate communication between the app and various advertising platforms to display targeted ads.
  • Monitor and measure ad performance and visibility, engaging in further communication as necessary to optimize outcomes.
  • Help team to extend and maintain high performance system processing +100k req/s.

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Strong background in iOS app development, primarily in Swift, with some knowledge of Objective-C.
  • Experience with React Native.
  • Experience with Carthage and CocoaPods for package management.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Git and GitHub, particularly GitHub workflows/actions.
  • Fluent in English to ensure clear and effective communication.
  • Development in Java/Kotlin.

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Firebase and Google ad libraries/platforms (Admob, etc…) is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Android app development
  • Familiarity with Gradle, Maven, Jenkins.
  • Familiarity with Couchbase, Kafka.

We offer:

  • Interesting technical challenges: we really do have big data: terabytes per day, low latency requirements and machine learning as part of the core of our products;
  • Room to grow: you will have space to learn and feel comfortable with our stack and new technologies; we value mostly curiosity to learn new things;
  • A small team: a high level of freedom and empowerment; 
  • No bullshit: no in-house sales, no scrum, no finger pointing, sensible management
  • We champion a trust-based culture over constant surveillance.
  • Embrace flexible working hours, including the option for remote work.
  • Newcomers can be at ease; comprehensive training spanning several months awaits, ensuring collaboration of the highest caliber.